Biomedical Electronics and Instrumentation Made Easy

G.S. Sawhney

ISBN: 9789389795943

270 pages

INR 345


A well set out textbook to explain the concepts of biomedical electronics and instrumentation. The book covers the complete syllabi of UP Technical University of various subjects concerning Biomedical Electronics and Instrumentation. The text is admirably suited to meet the needs of the students of electronic engineering, electronic instrumentation, electrical engineering, and biomedical engineering. The book presents succinct coverage of the theory, definitions, formulae and examples. The text is well supported by plenty of diagrams and worked problems. To make the underlying concepts easily comprehensible, the text has been written in question-answer form.


  • Anatomical Terms, Planes and Moments
  • Histology
  • Physiological Systems
  • Transducers and Biomedical
  • Instrumentation System
  • Bioelectrical Potentials and Electrodes
  • Cardiovascular System and Measurements
  • Respiratory System
  • Diagnostic Techniques
  • Biotelemetry
  • Patient Care and Monitoring
  • Computer in Medicine and Digital Image
  • Signal Processing
  • Nervous System
  • Ophthalmology Instruments
  • Prosthetic Devices and Therapies
  • Monitors and Recorders
  • Systematic Body and Skin Temperature Measurement
  • Shock Hazards and Prevention
  • Index


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