Heat and Thermodynamics

Pramila Shukla, Shivani, Shefali Kanwar

ISBN: 9789390455225

340 pages

INR 345


This book is designed for B.Sc., B.E. and A.M.I.E. students of all discipline. It lays priority to the basic concepts of the topic with developing a profound conceptual base of heat and thermodynamics. This book is a bridge between thermal physics and non-equilibrium physics. It contains both the basic theory and principles as well as topics like fundamental concepts of kinetic theory and transport phenomena, heat and thermodynamics, ideal gases, real gases, laws of thermodynamics and heat engines, entropy, black body radiation and laws of emission and absorption of radiation, thermodynamic relations and various phenomena of day-to-day life.


  • Study of Ideal Gases and Thermodynamic Concept
  • Study of Real Gases and Properties of Pure Substances
  • Transport Phenomenon in Gases and Conduction of Heat
  • Basic Laws of Radiation
  • Concept of Heat, Zeroth and First Laws of Thermodynamics
  • Second and Third Law of Thermodynamics and Entropy
  • Thermodynamic Relations and Potentials
  • Change of State in Matter
  • Transportation of Heats
  • Index


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