Introduction to Parallel Computing

Niranjan N. Chiplunkar, Raju K.

ISBN: 9788126556816

528 pages

INR 499


With every computational gadget boasting of multiple processors, parallel programming becomes very important to fully exploit the power of such processor architectures. Parallel programming simultaneously uses multiple computing resources to solve a computational problem. Pthreads and OpenMP are the programming paradigms in shared address space parallel computers. Message Passing Interface (MPI) is the distributed memory parallel programming model. Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) consist of large number of homogeneous computing cores, and CUDA is a programming framework for GPUs.

  • Multicore Processors: Introduction
  • Parallel Processing and Architectural Issues in Modern Processors
  • Fundamentals of Parallelization
  • API-Based Parallel Programming with Pthreads
  • Directive-Based Parallel Programming with OpenMP
  • Programming the Distributed Memory Parallel Computers
  • Introduction to GPUs and CUDA Programming



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