Radar Engineering and Fundamentals of Navigational Aids

G.S.N. Raju

ISBN: 9789389583267

INR 445


This book contains the applications of radars, fundamentals and advanced concepts of CW, CW Doppler, FMCW, Pulsed doppler, MTI, MST and phased array radars etc. It also includes effect of different parameters on radar operation, various losses in radar systems, radar transmitters, radar receivers, navigational aids and radar antennas.


  • Introduction to Radar, Radar Parameters and their Definitions
  • Basic Radars
  • Advanced Radars
  • Traking Radar
  • Factors Affecting Radar Operation and Radar Losses  
  • Radar Transmitters          
  • Radar Receivers
  • Fundamentals of Navigational Aids
  • Radar Antennas
  • Multiple Choice Questions and Objective Questions with Answers
  • Solved Problems
  • Exercise Problems
  • Model Question Papers / Index.



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