Agile Scrum: Improving Practices for Business Gains

Rama Bedarkar

ISBN: 9788126560868

380 pages

INR 749


Agile Scrum: Improving Practices for Business Gains is for beginners in Scrum to deploy the practices in disciplined manner; for software project management executives to achieve their KPIs by mapping them to scrum practices; for the leadership to achieve organization agility by adopting the scrum values to empower their teams; and for scrum practitioners and consultants to learn from the author's experience.

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1 Introduction to Agile Concepts

2 All about Scrum

3 Scrum Process: High-Level View

4 Product Backlog Management

5 Sprint Planning

6 Writing Effective User Stories

7 Sprint Execution and Tracking

8 Sprint Review

9 Sprint Retrospectives

10 Measurements and Metrics in Scrum



11 Software Development Life Cycle and Waterfall Model

12 Project Management in Scrum and Waterfall

13 Quality Management in Scrum

14 Customer Management in Scrum

15 Risk Management in Scrum

16 Cost Management in Scrum



17 Management Onboarding – First Step to Scrum Deployment

18 Scrum – Tool for Driving Change in Work Environment

19 Empowering Quality Assurance

20 Making Customer Relations Robust

21 Managing Collaboration in Scrum

22 Human Factor – Limitations of Scrum Deployment

23 Scrum Failure Is Never a Failure

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