Wiley Innovation Black Book on Exponential Technologies 2019

Wiley Innovation Advisory Council

ISBN: 9788126578177

352 pages

INR 999


Technology is evolving at an exponential rate, transforming the world and our lives more rapidly than we can ever imagine. Undoubtedly, the business landscape is changing drastically as well, with new strategic and business models and disruptions leading to new challenges and opportunities. Industry 4.0 is expected to transform the future of work, learning and research in the coming years. In this VUCA world, the agility and relevance of business to transform, innovate and disrupt, leveraged by Al and exponential technologies will decide the course of winners. Adapt or Perish!  For the first time, 15 Top Industry Leaders and Technology Innovators collaborate to author the first edition of the Wiley Innovation Black Book on exponential Technologies is an annual presentation by Wiley, bringing together the collective wisdom in form of possibility and future scenarios of how today’s industries are expected to transform in the coming years.

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