Alternatives in Refrigeration and Air conditioning

S.C. Kaushik, Akhilesh Arora, Paramjit Singh Bilga

ISBN: 9789390455829

420 pages

INR 1995


Alternatives in Refrigeration and Air conditioning highlights the issues related to ozone layer depletion and global warming due to use of conventional cooling technologies and refrigerants in the field of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC). It describes, simulates and analyzes the alternate technologies and alternate refrigerants from energy and exergy point of view. The unconventional and alternative refrigeration technologies viz. Vapor Absorption Refrigeration, Vapor Adsorption Refrigeration, Evaporative Cooling, Desiccant Cooling, Thermoelectric Refrigeration, Thermo Acoustic Refrigeration, Ejector Cooling, Vortex Tube Refrigeration Systems and Metal Hydride Refrigeration etc. are explored in the subject matter of this book.

  • Alternate Refrigerants and Cycles for Compression Refrigeration Systems
  • Vapour Absorption Cooling and Advanced Absorption Cycles
  • Compression-Absorption Combined Cooling Systems
  • Use of Ejector in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Vortex Tube Refrigeration Systems
  • Thermoelectric Refrigeration
  • Thermoacoustic Refrigeration
  • Vapour Adsorption Systems: Physisorption and Chemisorption Systems
  • Evaporative and Desiccants based Air conditioning Systems



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