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Analysis and Design of Foundations and Retaining Structures Subjected To Seismic Loads

Swami Saran

ISBN: 9789389976397

INR 625


The book offers a systematic treatment of the analysis and design of foundations and retaining structures subjected to dynamic loads. Written for graduate students and practicing geotechnical engineers, this book is designed to help reader understand the fundamental principles and procedures of analysing and designing geotechnical structures subjected to dynamic loads. Topics covered in the book include: Dynamic soil properties & liquefaction; Dynamic earth pressures shallow, pile and well foundations; rigid and water front retaining structures, bridge abutments; reinforced earth and soils nailed walls.

  • Introduction
  • Dynamic Soil Properties and Liquefaction
  • Dynamic Earth Pressure
  • Shallow Foundation
  • Pile Foundation Subjected to Dynamic Loads
  • Well Foundations
  • Rigid Retaining Wall
  • Seismic Design of Waterfront Retaining Structures
  • Bridge Abutments
  • Reinforced Earth Wall
  • Nailed Side Wall
  • Index