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Communication Systems

N.T. Markad, M.S. Sutaone, A.G. Raut, Ravi Prakash

ISBN: 9789389633290

INR 405


This compact and student-friendly textbook offers a comprehensive introduction to several topics of communication systems, imparting a thorough grounding in the fundamental concepts of modulation and demodulation, radio transmitters and receivers, telephone communication systems, radar, television, network management in data communication, digital communication and some advanced communication systems such as cellular radio, satellite networking, and so on.

  • Methods of Communication
  • Amplitude & Angle Modulation
  • AM, FM Trasmitters & Receivers
  • Pulse Modulation
  • Propagation of Waves
  • Fundamental to Information Theory
  • Telephone Exchange
  • Digital Modulation and Detection Technique
  • Digital Modulation Technique, Error Probability and Line Coding
  • Random Process
  • Fundamental of Data Communication
  • Multiple Access
  • Index