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Engineering Thermodynamics

R.K. Singal, Mridul Singal, Rishi Singal

ISBN: 9789389698664

INR 425


Engineering Thermodynamics has been designed for students of all branches of engineering specially undergraduate students of Mechanical Engineering. The book will also serve as reference manual for practising engineers. The book has been written in simple language and systematically develops the concepts and principles essential for understanding the subject. The text has been supplemented with solved numerical problems, illustrations and question banks.


Part I: Thermodynamic Laws and Relations

  1. Basic Concepts
  2. The First Law and its Applications
  3. The Second Law of Thermodynamics
  4. Entropy and Thermodynamic Relations


Part II: Properties of Gases and Vapours

  1. Gases and Gas Mixtures
  2. Properties of Steam
  3. Refrigerants
  4. Products of Combustion


Part III: Thermodynamics Cycles

  1. Air Standard Cycles
  2. Gas Turbine Cycles
  3. Steam Power Cycles
  4. Combined and other Vapour Power Cycles
  5. Refrigeration Cycles


Part IV: Heat Transfer and Heat Exchangers

  1. Introduction to Heat Transfer


Part V: Annexures

  1. Annexure I: Introduction to SI Units
  2. Annexure II: Steam Tables in SI Units
  3. Annexure III: Objective Type Questions