Industrial Exploitation of Microorganisms

D.K. Maheshwari, R.C. Dubey, R. Saravanamuthu

ISBN: 9789390455232

448 pages

INR 1595


This book embodies 21 review articles contributed by subject experts of various areas of industrial microbiology. The articles are devoted to pharma industries, food and enzyme industries, textile industry, agro-industry and cottage industry. Yeast is one of the important microorganisms which have been used to produce beverages, alcohols and fermented food commodities for a very long time. In recent years, it has been the first choice among eukaryotes to use in recombinant technology. Yeast and Spirulina are being used and marketed as Single Cell Protein (SCP). Mushrooms have been used by humans down the ages. In addition to a rich source of mycoprotein, they have medicinal values also against many ailments.

  • Biotechnological Potential and Industrial Application of Yeast
  • Probiotics Microorganisms
  • Spirulina: Its Role in Food Industry
  • Microbial Biopesticides
  • Biotechnological Potentials of Cyanobacteria and their Industrial Applications
  • Biotechnological Potentialities of Higher Fungi
  • Cordyceps sinensis (Yarha gamboo): A High Value Medicinal Mushroom
  • Biotechnological Application in Textile Industry Antimicrobial Textiles
  • Applications of Streptomyces sp. in Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Microbial Proteases and their Applications
  • Proteases: Significance and Applications
  • Electrocatalytically Active Laccases: Application for Biosensor Development
  • Potential Applications of Microbial Phytases in Aquaculture
  • Laccase Regulation and Laccase-Dependent Bioremediation
  • Biotechnological, Genetic Engineering and Nanotechnological Potential of Actinomycetes
  • Strategic Synthesis of Nanoparticles by Mycetes
  • Discovery of Bioactive Molecules from Plants and Microorganisms
  • Agro-industrial Bioprocessing of Tropical Root and Tuber Crops – Current Research and Future Prospects
  • Pharma-active Compounds of Microbial Origin and their Diversity
  • Industrially Useful Microbial Bioresources
  • Antimicrobial Properties of Essential Oils and their Potential Applications in Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Index.


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