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Modeling and Analysis of Electrical Machines

R. Ramanujam

ISBN: 9789388425872

476 pages

INR 495


This book will serve as a stepping stone for the undergraduate students in Electrical & Electronics Engineering for further specialization. It is a core subject in the curriculum for post-graduate Power Electronics and Power Systems Engineering disciplines offered by most of the universities and educational institutions.  The book starts with the fundamental concepts such as phasors and reference frames which are not usually elaborated at the undergraduate level thereby providing smooth transition to more advanced topics as specified in the various syllabi.

  1. Basics of Rotating Electromagnetic Machines
  2. Transformation of Machine Variables Between Reference Frames
  3. Modeling and Analysis of Conventional Synchronous Machines
  4. Modeling and Analysis of Symmetrical Induction Machines
  5. Modeling and Analysis of AC Single-Phase Motors
  6. Linearized Models of Synchronous and Induction Machines
  7. Reduced-Order Models of Synchronous and Induction Machines
  8. Modeling and Analysis of Conventional Direct Current Machines