Recent Trends in Water Research: Hydrochemical and Hydrological Perspectives

S. Chindambaram, AL. Ramanathan, K. Shivanna, R. Arthur James

ISBN: 9789390078219

INR 1195


The developments in science pave way to the betterment of the mankind. A field of research develops only when it copes up with the recent developments. This book aims to bring together and document the recent developments in the field of water research. This book is an agglomeration of different aspects of water research and recent developments covering surface water, rain water and ground water. Several multi-disciplinary papers covering geophysical applications, hydrogeochemical aspects, isotopic signature, speciation of trace elements, etc

  • Geophysical Investigation in the Different Litho Units of Gadilam River Basin, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Delineation and Correlation of Fresh and Salt Water Interface of Shallow Coastal Pheratic Aquifer by Surface and Subsurface Geoelectrical Investigations
  • Hydrogeological Studies of Coastal Zone from Triplicane to Tiruvanmiur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Hydraulic Continuity between Groundwater Sources in the Malabar Region of Kerala— Evidence from Stable Isotopes and Ion Chemistry
  • Fracture Detection in Hard Rock Terrains of Villupuram District Using Apparent Resistivity Data—Case Studies
  • Identification of Groundwater Flow Direction Using Tritium Analysis of Lower Gundar Basin, Southern Tamil Nadu, India
  • Groundwater Quality Profiling by Borehole Geophysics — Case Studies in Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu
  • A Study on Trace Metal Pollution in the Gadilam River Basin, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Groundwater Quality Assessment of Andimadam Block, Perambalur District, Tamil Nadu
  • Physico-Chemical Analysis of Groundwater Around Sathya Dye Industry, Tiruppur
  • Hydrochemical Assessment of Groundwater in Thirumanimuttar Sub basin – Implication of Water Quality Degradation by Anthropogenic Activities
  • Hydro Geochemical Study of Groundwater for Rural Development—A Case Study from Ponnaramapatty Area of Valapadi Block, Salem District, Tamil Nadu
  • Current Status of Nitrate Ion Contamination in Sopore Town, Kashmir
  • Hydrogeochemical Studies in and Around Kalpakkam Kanchipuram District Tamil Nadu
  • Physical and Chemical Analysis of Drinking Water Samples in Nagamalai Pudukkottai, Madurai
  • Defluoridation of Groundwater by Aquatic Macrophyte Hydrilla Verticillata
  • Speciation Analysis of Trace Elements in Water by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
  • Procurement of Pentachlorophenol Degrading Bacteria from Tannery Effluent for their Waste Water Treatment
  • Variable Characteristics of Rainwater Status in the Union Territory of Puduchery–A Focus on Puduchery and Karaial Regions
  • Hydrochemistry and Environmental Status of Pazhayar River, Kanyakumari District, Southern Tamil Nadu
  • Groundwater Quality Assessment of Kammapuram Block, Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu
  • Hydrogeochemical Study of Groundwater in Gummudipoondi Taluk, Thiruvalluvar District, Tamil Nadu
  • Trend Analysis of Groundwater Levels in Stressed Aquifers of Tiruvannamalai District, Tamil Nadu
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