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Textbook of Signals and Systems, 2ed (Revised & Updated with Solutions)

Harish Parthasarathy

ISBN: 9789389795172

INR 445


This book features problems with solutions to all the core areas of Signals and Systems. The ethos of the book is to enable the reader to solve problems that have a practical relevance. This can be the perfect book to follow along with a textbook. Whilst catering to the needs of the undergraduate and graduate students, students with a research bent of mind will also find the book stimulating and challenging enough to formulate their own research problems along the lines suggested by the exercises.


  • Introduction: Signals and their Classification
  • Systems
  • Fourier Series
  • Discrete Fourier Series
  • Discrete and Fast Fourier Transform
  • Continuous Time Fourier Transform
  • The Discrete Time Fourier Transform
  • The Laplace Transform
  • The Z-Transform
  • Shannon’s Sampling Theory
  • Random Signal Theory
  • Modulation
  • Index
  • Solutions