Welding: Theory and Practice

Jagadeesha T

ISBN: 9789391029869

984 pages

INR 1295


Welding plays an important role in modern production methods, and has made possible the construction of plants, equipment and structures unattainable by other known methods. It is almost impossible to make a product like automobile, aircraft, etc., without cast component. This book will serve as a bridge between the study of the processes and their applications in production industries.

Theory and practice are blended and explained so that the reader gets holistic approach to welding. First, basic processes are discussed, followed by the special processes and design, testing, weldability of systems are discussed at the end.

Section A: Basic Welding Process

1. Introduction to Manufacturing Processes

2. Introduction to Welding Technology

3. Physics of Arc

4. Power Sources for Arc Welding

5. Arc Welding Consumables

6. Shielded Metal Arc Welding

7. Gas Metal Arc Welding

8. Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

9. Submerged Arc Welding

10. Electroslag Welding

11. Electrogas Welding


Section B: Resistance Welding Processes

12. Resistance Spot Welding

13. Resistance Seam Welding

14. Projection Welding

15. Flash and Upset Welding

16. High-Frequency Welding

17. Percussion Welding


Section C: Solid State Welding Processes

18. Friction Welding

19. Friction Stir Welding


Section D: Gas Welding and Brazing Processes

20. Oxyfuel Welding

21. Brazing, Braze Welding and Soldering


Section E: Advanced Welding Processes

22. Ultrasonic Welding

23. Plasma Arc Welding

24. Electron Beam Welding

25. Laser Beam Welding

26. Underwater Welding


Section F: Allied Welding Processes

27. Explosive Welding

28. Metal Flame Spraying/Metallizing


Section G: Miscellaneous Topics in Welding

29. Welded Design and Fabrications

30. Thermal Considerations in Welding

31. Basic Welding Metallurgy

32. Residual Stress and Distortion

33. Weld Defects

34. Inspection and Testing of Welds

35. Weldability

36. Repairs and Maintenance Welding

37. Multiple Choice Questions





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