Wiley's Objective Physics for NEET, 2ed, 2021

Anand Srivastava, Sunil Batra

ISBN: 9788126599899

1164 pages

INR 899


Physics is tricky subject that plays a crucial role in cracking highly competitive exams such as NEET. As far NEET-UG is concerned, it has been consistently observed that the aspirants score pretty well in biology, better in chemistry and relatively lower in physics. To enhance the score in physics, both conceptual understanding and logical solving ability are needed, which is achievable by knowing the basics thoroughly, practicing ample questions that involves previous years’ NEET Questions. Keeping these aspects in view, we have made efforts to present this book Objective Physics for NEET, Second Edition which would certainly stand distinctive as an excellent study material.


About the Authors

Directions to Use the Book

Chapter 1 Physical World, Measurement and Dimensions

Chapter 2 Kinematics

Chapter 3 Laws of Motion

Chapter 4 Work, Energy and Power

Chapter 5 Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body

Chapter 6 Gravitation

Chapter 7 Solids and Liquids

Chapter 8 Thermal Properties of Matter

Chapter 9 Heat Transfer

Chapter 10 Thermodynamics

Chapter 11 Kinetic Theory of Gases

Chapter 12 Oscillations

Chapter 13 Waves

Chapter 14 Electrostatics

Chapter 15 Capacitance

Chapter 16 Current Electricity

Chapter 17 Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetic Force on Moving Charges

Chapter 18 Magnetic Properties and Earth’s Magnetism

Chapter 19 Electromagnetic Induction

Chapter 20 Alternating Current

Chapter 21 Electromagnetic Waves

Chapter 22 Ray Optics

Chapter 23 Wave Optics

Chapter 24 Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation

Chapter 25 Atoms and Nuclei

Chapter 26 Semiconductor Devices and Digital Circuits


Chapter at a Glance

Solved Examples

Practice Exercises

Answer Key

Hints and Explanations


Appendix 1: Dimensions of Various Physical Quantities


Appendix 2: Mock Tests

Mock Test 1

Answer Key

Mock Test 2

Answer Key

Mock Test 3

Answer Key

Mock Test 4

        Answer Key


Appendix 3: Previous Years’ NEET Questions (2010-2019)



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