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NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) Study Guide, 2ed

TCY Online

ISBN: 9788126579426

1152 pages

INR 639


NTSE Study Guide, the first among two volumes, is meant primarily for initial preparation (the second volume NTSE Refresher Course is meant for final preparation (Stage I and Stage II)). This book covers all the subjects/topics/ sub-topics tested in Stage I and Stage II examinations. The theory for each chapter captures the salient points in a lucid manner and explains the concepts with the help of examples. Practice Exercises at the end of each chapter seek to cover all the concepts included in the NTSE syllabus as well as important questions from the actual exams (State Level). Answer Keys and Detailed Solutions for all questions are provided separately.



A Note to the Students

Mental Ability Test

1. Number Analogy

2. Word Analogy

3. Letter Analogy

4. Number Classification

5. Word Classification

6. Letter Classification

7. Number Series

8. Letter Series

9. Alphanumeric Series

10. Number Coding

11. Letter Coding

12. Word Coding

13. Letter Arrangement

14. Problems Involving Sequencing

15. Logical Sequence of Time

16. Blood Relations

17. Seating Arrangements

18. Logical Games

19. Direction Sense

20. Problems Involving Logical Venn Diagrams

21. Number Puzzle

22. Letter Puzzle 1

23. Problems Involving Clocks and Calendars 104

24. Problems Involving Mathematical Operations

25. Problems Involving Arithmetic Reasoning

26. Data Sufficiency

27. Logic

28. Number and Alphabet Sequence

29. Alphametics

30. Non-Verbal Analogy

31. Non-Verbal Classification

32. Non-Verbal Series

33. Counting of Figures

34. Water and Mirror Images

35. Spotting out Embedded Figures

36. Completion of Pattern and Figure Matrix

37. Formation of Figures

38. Paper Folding and Cutting

39. Cubes and Dices

40. Dot Situations

Answer Keys and Explanations



1. Motion

2. Force

3. Work and Energy

4. Gravitation

5. Fluids and Pressure

6. Waves and Sound

7. Electricity

8. Magnetism

9. Light

10. Heat

Answer Keys and Explanations



1. Matter in our Surroundings

2. Elements, Compounds and Mixtures

3. Atoms and Molecules

4. Atomic Structure

5. Chemical Reactions

6. Acids, Bases and Salts 528

7. Metals and Non-Metals

8. Chemistry of Carbon Compounds

9. Periodic Classification of Elements

Answer Keys and Explanations



1. Cell and Cell Division

2. Tissues

3. Diversity in Living Organisms

4. Natural Resources

5. Improvement in Food Resources

6. Why Do We Fall Ill?

7. Control and Coordination

8. How Do Organisms Reproduce?

9. Heredity and Evolution

10. Our Environment

11. Management of Natural Resources

12. Life Processes

Answer Keys and Explanations


1. Theory of Numbers

2. Linear Equations

3. Quadratic Equations

4. Series

5. Polynomials

6. Coordinate Geometry

7. Mensuration – 2D

8. Mensuration – 3D

9. Statistics and Probability

10. Trigonometry and its Applications

11. Lines and Angles

12. Triangles

13. Quadrilaterals

14. Circles

15. Arithmetic

Answer Keys and Explanations

Social Science

1. French Revolution

2. Russian Revolution

3. Nazism and the Rise of Hitler

4. Effects of Colonialism in India

5. Industrial Revolution and its Effects

6. Print Media and Social Awakening

7. The Rise of Nationalism in Europe

8. Nationalist Movements in Indo-China

9. Nationalism in India

10. India: Size, Location and Physical Features

11. Drainage

12. Climate

13. Natural Vegetation and Wildlife

14. Population

15. Natural Resources

16. Agriculture

17. Industries, Transport, Trade and Communication

18. Democracy in the Contemporary World

19. Constitutional Design

20. Electoral Politics

21. Working of Institutions

22. Federal Structure of India

23. Basic Economic Concepts 1004

24. People as a Resource

25. Poverty as a Challenge

26. Food Security in India

27. Development and Sectors of Indian Economy

28. Money and Credit

29. Globalisation and Indian Economy

30. Consumer Rights

Answer Keys and Explanations



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