Business Models for Dummies

Part I: Getting Started with Business Models

• What Is a Business Model and Why Does It Matter?

• Business Models Defined

• Business Models Come in Many Different Forms

• Your Business Success Depends Upon Your Business Model


Part II: Creating a Winning Business Model

• Using Tools to Design Your Business Model

• Finding the Most Attractive Markets to Create a Powerful Offering

• Completing Your Offering with a Unique Value Proposition

• Making Money with Your Business Model

• Monetization through Sales Performance

• Making Your Business Model Last

• Sustaining Your Business Model: Innovating and Avoiding Pitfalls

• Cashing In

• Analyzing Your Business Model


Part III: Dealing with Change

• Knowing that All Business Models Erode

• Looking for Signs that Your Business Model Is Weakening

• Detecting Hidden Problems and Adapting before It's Too Late


Part IV: Business Model Innovation  

• Figuring Out Where to Begin the Innovation Process

• Starting the Innovation Process

• Using Disruptive Innovation

• Crowdsourcing as Advanced Business Model Innovation

• Utilizing Virtualized Sales Processes

• Profiting from the Dynamics of Insurance


Part V: The Part of Tens

• Ten Terrific Business Models

• Ten Signs You May Have an Issue with Your Business Model

• Applying Ten Sources of Business Model Innovation

• Ten Things a Venture Capitalist Never Wants to Hear About Your Business



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