Finance for Managers and Entrepreneurs

Shailendra Kumar Rai

ISBN: 9789390395576

292 pages

INR 749


Finance for Managers and Entrepreneurs is intended to be used as a basic text of Finance. This book is developed to personally involve the reader in the fundamental decisions as a manager and an entrepreneur. All the way through the book, the application of Finance concepts with Excel is demonstrated and explained. Through its analytical and stimulating approach, this book is easy to understand, user-friendly, and comprehensive and can be used as a ready reckoner. This book provides descriptions of Financial Accounting, Costing, and Finance that everyone in this era would find useful to know.


Chapter 1 Financial Statements

Chapter 2 Analysis of Financial Statements

Chapter 3 Cost and Management Accounting



Chapter 4 Business Finance

Chapter 5 Time Value of Money

Chapter 6 Capital Budgeting

Chapter 7 Estimation of Cash Flows

Chapter 8 Risk in Capital Budgeting Decisions

Chapter 9 Cost of Capital

Chapter 10 Capital Structure

Chapter 11 Working Capital Management

Chapter 12 Internal Financing and Dividend Policy



Chapter 13 Personal Financial Planning

Chapter 14 Digital Finance


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