Environmental Science, 8ed, ISV

Botkin, Keller

ISBN: 9788126534142

604 pages

INR 1059


Environmental Science: Earth as a Living Planet, Eighth Edition provides emphasis on the scientific process throughout the book and gives readers the structure to develop their critical thinking skills. Updated and revised to include the latest research in the field, the eighth edition continues to present a balanced analytical and interdisciplinary approach to the field. New streamlined text clears away the "jargon" to bring the issues and the science to the forefront. The new design and updated image program highlights key points and makes the book easier to navigate.


· Key Themes in Environmental Science.

· Science as A Way of Knowing.

· The Big Picture: Systems of Change.

· The Human Population and The Environment.

· Ecosystems.

· The Biogeochemical Cycle.

· Dollars and Environmental Sense.

· Biological Diversity and Biological Invasions.

· Ecological Restoration.

· Environmental Heath, Pollution, and Toxicology.

· Agriculture, Aquaculture, and The Environment.

· Landscapes: Forests, Parks, and Wilderness.

· Wildlife, Fisheries, and Endangered Species.

· Energy: Some Basics.

· Fossil Fuels and The Environment.

· Alternative Energy and The Environment.

· Nuclear Energy and The Environment.

· Water Supply, Use, and Management.

· Water Pollution and Treatment.

· The Atmosphere, Climate, and Global Warming.

· Air Pollution.

· Urban Environments.

· Materials Management.

· Our Environmental Future.

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