Esau's Plant Anatomy, 3ed: Meristems, Cells, and Tissues of the Plant Body- Their Structure, Function, and Development

Ray F. Evert

ISBN: 9788126565535

624 pages

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This revision of the now classic Plant Anatomy offers a completely updated review of the structure, function and development of meristems, cells and tissues of the plant body. The text follows a logical structure-based organization. Beginning with a general overview, chapters then cover the protoplast, cell wall, and meristems, through to phloem, periderm, and secretory structures.



General References.

Chapter 1.  Structure and Development of the Plant Body--An Overview.

Chapter 2.  The Protoplast: Plasma Membrane, Nucleus, and Cytoplasmic Organelles.

Chapter 3.  The Protoplast: Endomembrane System, Secretory Pathways, Cytoskeleton and Stored Compounds.

Chapter 4.  Cell Wall .

Chapter 5.  Meristems and Differentiation.

Chapter 6.  Apical Meristems.

Chapter 7.  Parenchyma and Collenchyma.

Chapter 8.  Sclerenchyma.

Chapter 9.  Epidermis.

Chapter 10. Xylem: Cell Types and Developmental Aspects.

Chapter 11. Xylem: Secondary Xylem and Variations in Wood Structure.

Chapter 12. Vascular Cambium.

Chapter 13. Phloem: Cell Types and Developmental Aspects.

Chapter 14. Phloem: Secondary Phloem and Variations in Its Structure.

Chapter 15. Periderm.

Chapter 16. External Secretory Structures.

Chapter 17. Internal Secretory Structures.

Addendum: Other Pertinent References Not Cited in the Text.


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