Expert Oracle Database 11G Administration

Sam R. Alapati

ISBN: 9788184891591

1400 pages

Exclusively distributed by Rajlaxmi Book Depot 

INR 999


Sam Alapati’s Expert Oracle Database 11g Administration is a comprehensive handbook for Oracle database administrators (DBAs) using the latest release of the Oracle Database (Oracle Database 11g). All key aspects of database administration are covered, including backup and recovery, day-to-day administration and monitoring, performance tuning, and more. This is the one book to have on your desk as a continual reference. Refer to it frequently. It’ll help you get the job done.

Part I - Background, Data Modeling, UNIX/LINUX. And SQL* Plus

Chapter 1: The Oracle DBA’s World

Chapter 2: Relational Database Modeling and Database Design

Chapter 3: Essential UNIX (and Linux) for the Oracle DBA

Chapter 4: Using SQL* Plus and Oracle Enterprise Manager

Part II - Oracle Database 11g Architecture, Schema, and Transaction Management

Chapter 5: Oracle Database 11g Architecture

Chapter 6: Managing TableSpaces

Chapter 7: Schema Management

Chapter 8: Oracle Transaction Management

Part III - Installing Oracle Database 11g, Upgrading, and Creating Databases

Chapter 9: Installing and Upgrading to Oracle Database 11g

Chapter 10: Creating a Database

Part IV - Connectivity and User Management

Chapter 11: Connectivity and Networking

Chapter 12: User Management and Database Security

Part V - Data Loading, BackUp, and Recovery

Chapter 13: Loading and Transforming Data

Chapter 14: Using Data Pump Export and Import

Chapter 15: Backing Up Databases

Chapter 16: Database Recovery

Part VI - Managing a Database

Chapter 17: Automatic Management and Online Capabilities

Chapter 18: Managing and Monitoring the Operational Database

Part VII - Performance Tuning

Chapter 19: Improving Database Performance: SQL Query Optimization

Chapter 20: Performance Tuning: Tuning the Instance


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