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Fundamentals of Financial Derivatives, 3ed

N.R. Parasuraman

ISBN: 9788126547395

340 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 699


This book has been primarily intended for the newcomer to the world of Derivatives. The aim is to provide a different approach to the learning of the complex instruments because many students and practitioners find Financial Derivatives too complex to understand in the beginning. The book deals with the basic techniques of risk management and derivatives. Encouraged by the overwhelming success of the first and second editions, the third edition has been brought out.


· Introduction to Derivatives

· Forwards and Futures

· Types of Options

· Principles of Option Pricing: Put-Call Parity

· The Binomial Model for Pricing of Options

· The Black-Scholes Model

· Volatility and Implied Volatility from the Black-Scholes Model

· Exotic Options - An Introduction

· Introduction to Option Greeks and Basic Delta Hedging

· Interest Rate Derivatives and Eurodollar Derivatives

· Swaps

· Credit Derivatives

· Real Options

· Risk Management with Derivatives

· Test Yourself on Your Conceptual Understanding

· Glossary

· Bibliography

· Index