Comdex Tally 9 Course Kit

Namrata Agrawal

ISBN: 9788177228106

400 pages

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 349


Comdex Tally 9 Course Kit aims to upgrade the accounting skills of professionals through the latest computer software Tally 9. It begins with the basics of accounting so that even students and beginners find it useful. They can begin from the very basics of manual accounting and then easily go on to learn computerized accounting. The self-learning tutorial CD accompanying the book contains simulations to provide a better understanding of the topics covered in the book.


Manual Accounting

• Accounting


Computerized Accounting

• Tally 9 Installation & Language Setup

• Introduction to Tally

• Accounting Information

• Vouchers in Tally

• Inventory Information

• Pure Inventory Vouchers

• Purchase / Sales Orders and Invoices

• Reports

• Internet Capabilities

• Important Features of Tally

• TDS Module

• VAT Module

• Service Tax

• Payroll Module


Keyboard Shortcuts

Special Function Key Combination

Key Combination used in Navigation

About the CD


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