Food and Beverage Services & Operations

Manoj Kumar Yadav

ISBN: 9789391029920

608 pages

INR 695


Food and Beverage Services & Operations is specially written for the students and industry professionals who would work or are working in the food and beverage divisions of hospitality organizations. The book is divided into two parts - Part I is on Food and Beverage Service Operations, which discusses topics like catering services, restaurant services, room services, banquet services, food services, meals and menus, Guéridon services, range of alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages, wine world, beers, white spirits, brown spirits, tobacco products, cocktails, sales and revenue control systems, and so on.

Part A: Food and Beverage Service Operations

1. Introduction

2. Food and Beverage Organizational Structure

3. Food and Beverage Service Equipment

4. Food and Beverage Department Coordination

5. Restaurant Operations

6. Room Service Operations

7. Technical Proficiency

8. Banquet

9. Meals and Menu

10. French Classical Menu

11. Guéridon and Carving

12. Types of Service

13. Introduction to Beverages

14. Non-Alcoholic Beverages

15. Fermented Beverage - Wine

16. Old Wine World

17. New Wine World

18. Brewed Beverage: Beer

19. Distilled Beverages: Spirits

20. Brown Spirits

21. White Spirits

22. Liqueurs, Aperitifs, Vermouths, Bitters and Other Spirits

23. Introduction to Bar 317

24. Tobacco Products (Cigar and Cigarette)

25. Sales/Revenue Control


Part B: Food and Beverage Production Operations

27. Introduction to Cuisine

28. Introduction to Kitchen Organization

29. Fundamentals of Food Production

30. Stocks, Soups and Sauces

31. Fruit and Vegetable Cookery

32. Egg Cookery

33. Seafood Cookery

34. Poultry Cookery

35. Meat Cookery

36. Game Cookery

37. Dairy Products

38. Rice, Cereals, Pulses and Pasta Cookery

39. Introduction to Basic Ingredients

40. Shortenings (Fats and Oils)

41. Supporting Agents

42. Herbs and Spices

43. Basic Gravies, Curries and Sauces

44. Salad and Salad Dressing

45. Food Plating and Presentation

46. Nutrition

47. Basics of Bakery

48. Cold Kitchen

49. Safety and Hygiene

50. The Power of Skills





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