Meat, Egg and Poultry Science & Technology

Vikas Nanda

ISBN: 9789389795738

INR 425


The aim of this book is to provide important details of meat composition and its various categories, basics of animal cells and tissues, muscle structure, bio-chemical reactions in pre- and post-mortem muscles and their effect on meat properties, slaughtering of large animals and birds, technology of sausages, egg formation and its quality parameters and various thermal and non-thermal techniques of preserving meat and egg. The book will be of value to teachers, undergraduate and postgraduate students studying Food Science and Technology, Food Engineering, Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Food Nutrition, and those who are preparing for GATE and other competitive examinations.


Part 1: Structure, Composition and Meat Categories

  1. Composition and Categories of Meat

  2. Animal Cell and Associated Tissues


Part 2: Meat Science: Chemistry and Biochemistry

  3. Biochemical Reactions in Pre-slaughter and Post-mortem Muscle

  4. Process of Conversion of Muscle into Meat

  5. Mechanism of Muscle Contraction and Relaxation

  6. Colour, Curing and Smoking of Meat


Part 3: Slaughtering and Carcass Processing

  7. Poultry Processing

  8. Slaughter and Dressing of Cattle

  9. Slaughter and Dressing of pig

Part 4: Meat Processing and Preservation

10. Techniques of Preservation of Meat

11. Non-thermal Alternative Technologies

12. Technology of Sausages


Part 5: Egg Technology

13. Egg: Formation, Structure, and Grading

14. Egg: Preservation and Powder Production



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