Training Manual for Food and Beverage Services

Mahendra Singh Negi

ISBN: 9789389520569

464 pages

INR 625


Training Manual for Food and Beverage Services covers the practical aspects of the food and beverage department (F&B) as required in the hotel industry. It enumerates the food and beverage service techniques and operating procedures in various sub-departments of F&B such as in-room dining, banquets, bars and restaurants. This training manual lays emphasis on the table manners, handling micros, bar set up, beverage services, bar equipment, and cocktails -- elaborating the various cocktail making methods, cocktail recipes along with types of garnishes used in the bar.

  • Introduction to Food and Beverage Service Industry
  • Food and Beverage Service Personnel
  • Restaurant Etiquette
  • Restaurant Equipment
  • Mise En Place
  • Restaurant Preparation
  • The Menu
  • Types of Service
  • Types of Meals
  • Food Serving Techniques
  • Food and Beverage Service Cycle
  • Food Service Sequence for Meals
  • Writing a KOT and Billing Methods
  • Closing Meal Periods
  • Accompaniments
  • Table Manners
  • Handling Emergency Situations
  • Napkin Folding Techniques
  • Cheese
  • Pastry Counter Set-Up
  • Practicing Trolley Service
  • In Room Dining/Room Service/Eat In
  • Food Service in IRD
  • Functions In Banquet
  • Buffet Set-Up
  • Fuel Used in Restaurants
  • Planning Duty Roster
  • Bar Set-Up
  • Bar Glassware and Equipment
  • Beverage Product Knowledge
  • Presenting Beverage Menu
  • Service of Fresh Lime/Water/Soda/Juice
  • Service of Tea
  • Beer Service Procedure
  • Service of Straight Drinks/Spirits
  • Introduction to Cocktails
  • Service of Cocktails & Mocktails
  • Service of Wine (Red & White)
  • Service of Champagne/Sparkling Wine
  • Service of Cigars/Cigarette
  • Handling Micros
  • Fruits, Nuts, Herbs and Spices
  • New Trends in Bar
  • Restaurant Glossary
  • Index



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