Food Supply Chain Management

Michael A. Bourlakis

ISBN: 9788126563579

256 pages

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The food supply chain is a series of links and inter-dependencies, from farms to food consumers’ plates, embracing a wide range of disciplines. Food Supply Chain Management brings together the most important of these disciplines and aims to provide an understanding of the chain, to support those who manage parts of the chain and to enhance the development of research activities in the discipline. Food Supply Chain Management follows a ‘farm to fork’ structure. Each chapter starts with aims and an introduction and concludes with study questions that students in particular will find useful.




1. Introduction to the UK Food Supply Chain

2. The Food Consumer and the Supply Chain.

3. Perceived Risk and Product Safety in the Food Supply Chain

4. Procurement in the Food and Drink Industry in the Early 21st Century

5. The UK Livestock System

6. UK Crop Production

7. Food Manufacturing

8. Food Retail, Wholesaling and Catering

9. Partnerships and Alliances in UK Supermarket Supply Networks

10. New Product Development and Information Technology in Food Supply Chain Management

11. Third Party Logistics in the Food Supply Chain

12. Temperature Controlled Supply Chains

13. Factors Influencing Supply and Demand for Organic Foods

14. The US Food Supply Chain

15. The Future of the Food Supply Chain Management