Blogging for Dummies, 5ed

Amy Lupold Bair

ISBN: 9788126546640

412 pages

INR 499



Part I: Getting Started with Blogging

• Discovering Blog Basics

• Entering the Blogosphere

• Choosing and Hosting Blog Software


Part II: Setting Up Your Blog

• Starting a Blogger Blog

• Starting a WordPress Blog

• Starting a Tumblr Blog

• Creating a Squarespace Blog


Part III: Fitting In and Feeling Good

• Finding Your Niche

• Creating Great Content

• Building Community with Comments

• Blogging Anonymously


Part IV: Going Beyond Words

• Working with Photos

• Starting a Podcast

• Diving Into Blogging

• Leveraging Community with Forums


Part V: Marketing and Promoting Your Blog

• Reaching Out with RSS

• Joining the Twitterverse

• Diving Into Social Networking

• Measuring Blog Presence


Part VI: Getting Business-y with It

• Making Mad Mad Money

• Blogging for Companies


Part VII: The Part of Tens

• Ten Ways to Grow Community

• Ten Things All Bloggers Should Do