Running Great Meeting & Workshops for Dummies

Jessica Pryce-Jones

ISBN: 9788126550470

352 pages

Exclusively distributed by Penguin Books 

INR 299


Running Great Workshops & Meetings for Dummies delivers the tools managers need to facilitate engaging and rewarding group sessions. Who hasn't walked away from a training session (or meeting) feeling as if the entire session could have been summarized in 10 minutes? We can help you avoid being the source of such frustration. Regardless of the type of workshop, meeting, or group session you're running, this title provides you with the information you need.




Part I: Getting Started with Meetings and Workshops

Chapter 1: The Business Case for Better Meetings and Workshops

Chapter 2: Planning Your Meeting

Chapter 3: Planning Your Workshop

Chapter 4: Getting Ready for the Big Day


Part II: Running Great Group Sessions

Chapter 5: Handling the Start of Your Session

Chapter 6: Continuing Your Meeting or Workshop

Chapter 7: Dealing with the Tough Stuff: Troubleshooting

Chapter 8: Handling What Happens Next


Part III: Building Your Skills

Chapter 9: Building Participants' Knowledge and Practice

Chapter 10: Running Focus Groups

Chapter 11: Taking It to the Next Level

Chapter 12: Running Remote or Virtual Meetings and Workshops


Part IV: The Part of Tens

Chapter 13: Ten Common Mistakes on the Day

Chapter 14: Ten Things You Have to Do When the Pressure Is On




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