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  1. Business Coaching & Mentoring For Dummies, 2ed
    Business Coaching & Mentoring For Dummies, 2ed

    by Marie Taylor, Steve Crabb

    Business Coaching & Mentoring For Dummies provides business owners and managers with the insight they need to successfully develop the next generation of leaders. Packed with business-led strategi.. Learn More
    Rs 599.00
  2. Employer Branding For Dummies
    Employer Branding For Dummies

    by Richard Mosley, Lars Schmidt

    Employer Branding For Dummies is the clear, no-nonsense guide to attracting and retaining top talent. Written by two of the most recognized leaders in employer brand, Richard Mosley and Lars Schmidt, .. Learn More
    Rs 499.00
  3. 9788126562473
    Cognitive Psychology For Dummies

    by Peter J. Hills, Michael Pake

    Cognitive Psychology For Dummies follows the structure of a typical university course, which makes it the perfect supplement for students in need of a clear and enjoyable overview of the topic. The co.. Learn More
    Rs 499.00
  4. 9788126557059
    SPSS Statistics for Dummies, 3ed

    by Keith Mccormick, Jesus Salcedo, Aaron Poh

    This book contains everything you need to know to get up and running quickly with this industry-leading software with clear, helpful guidance on working with both the software and your data. Every cha.. Learn More
    Rs 599.00
  5. 9788126556960
    GRE for Dummies, 8ed: With Practice Online

    by Ron Woldoff, Joseph Kraynak

    This new edition of GRE For Dummies with Online Practice gives you a competitive edge by fully preparing you for the GRE exam with subject reviews and tons of practice opportunities. Written in the ac.. Learn More
    Rs 499.00
  6. 9788126556526
    1,001 GRE Practice Questions for Dummies: With Free Online Practice

    by Wiley

    The GRE General Test is accepted at more than 3,200 graduate and business schools as well as departments and divisions within these schools.1,001 GRE Practice Questions For Dummies focuses on question.. Learn More
    Rs 699.00
  7. 9788126555703
    Getting A Social Media Job for Dummies

    by Brooks Briz, David Rose

    Looking to snag a social media position? This fun and practical guide shows you how to stand out from the competition and land your dream job in social media. From SEO specialists to online community .. Learn More
    Rs 399.00
  8. 9788126554478
    Human Resource Kit for Dummies, 3ed

    by Max Messmer

    Human Resources Kit for Dummies is your one-stop resource for learning the nuts and bolts of HR. It gives you forms and templates that you can put to immediate and productive use. Learn More
    Rs 499.00
  9. 9788126554461
    Critical Thinking Skills for Dummies

    by Martin Cohen

    Developing strong critical thinking skills provides a solid foundation for academic success. Written specifically for students, Critical Thinking Skills for Dummies is an accessible and unintimidatin.. Learn More
    Rs 399.00
  10. 9788126554591
    Getting A Big Data Job for Dummies

    by Jason Williamson

    Getting a Big Data Job for Dummies is the ultimate guide to landing a position in one of the fastest-growing fields in the modern economy. Learn exactly what "big data" means, why it's so im.. Learn More
    Rs 299.00

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