Twitter for Dummies, Pocket ed

Laura Fitton, Michael E. Gruen, Leslie Poston

ISBN: 9788126536528

144 pages

Exclusively distributed by Penguin Books 

INR 99


The fastest-growing social network utility sports new features, and they’re all covered in this how-to guide from a leading Twitter marketing consultant. Nearly 20 million people are tweeting on Twitter, and this book shows you how to join them and why you should. You’ll learn the nuts and bolts of using Twitter, how to make good connections, and how it can benefit your life and your business.



About This Book  

New for Pocket Edition

Foolish Assumptions  

Icons Used in This Book


Hello, Twitter World

· Figuring Out This Twitter Thing  

· Signing Up

· Picking a Name

· Finding Contacts

· Using useful people-finding tools

· Searching by using Twitter Search

· Inviting Contacts

· Tweeting Like a Pro

· Saying Hello! Your First Tweets


Getting Your Tweet Wet

· Finding People to Follow  

· Look who's talking  

· Searching for people

· Using the Search Box

· Inviting people personally, through Twitter

· Checking out Twitter Lists  

· Following back  

· Following People

· Replying to Tweets

· Retweeting  

· Retweeting the old-fashioned way

· Commentary on the retweet  

· Twitter Directories  

· Understanding Twitter Protocol

· Deciphering language and abbreviations

· Engaging others on Twitter  

· Tweeting frequency  

· Creating Lists  

· Following lists

· Using geolocation

· Erasing your tracks

· Deciphering Twitter SMS Commands

· Sending a direct message

· Sending a follow message  

· Sending an @reply

· Using On/Off commands

· Making a tweet a favorite

· Seeing stats  

· Using the Get command

· Seeing profiles with Whois

· Using Leave  

· Using On/Off username

· Using Quit and Stop  

· Codes may come, and codes may go


Flying Around the Interface

· Starting Out on the Home Screen  

· The sidebar

· The Tweet box

· The Twitter stream

· Tweeting to One Specific Person: @Replies  

· Sending Private Notes via Direct Messaging

· Playing (Twitter) Favorites  

· Seeing Who You Follow  

· Who's Following Who?  

· Reviewing Your Tweets

· You've Been Listed  

· The User Multi-Face: Interacting with Twitter Every Which Way

· Text messages (SMS delivery)  

· Desktop clients  

· Echofon  

· Widgets and gadgets

· Preview: @Anywhere  


Twitter Minus

· Tweeting with Your Cellphone  

· Via text messaging  

· Via smartphones or PDAs

· Location! Location! Location!

· Using Twitter through Your E-Mail  

· Swimming Your Stream with RSS Feeds

· Grabbing RSS feeds

· Sending RSS feeds back to Twitter


Establishing Your Twitter Voice

· Business or Pleasure?

· Your business on Twitter

· You as you on Twitter

· Mixing business with pleasure  

· Identifying Your Audience  

· Viewing your network  

· Diversifying your network

· Targeting specific networks

· Measuring influence  

· Understanding your extended network

· Keeping Your Tweets Authentic  

· Joining the conversation  

· Sharing links  

· Image is everything

· Being genuine

· Evangelizing your causes

· Keeping Twitter Personal but Not Too Personal

· Protecting personal details  

· Maximizing privacy and safety


Ten Useful Twitter-Based Services

· BreakingNews  

· StockTwits

· Tweecious: Use Delicious to Organize the Links You Tweet

· Tweetworks  

· ExecTweets  

· TweetGrid  

· LinkBunch

· Tweetree

· TwitterGrader


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