Microsoft Office 2016 at Work For Dummies

Faithe Wempen

ISBN: 9788126563319

480 pages

INR 499


It may seem like an eternity since your IT department upgraded you to the latest version of Microsoft Office. Prepare yourself, because Office 2016 is packed with updated features and new ways to increase your productivity in the office! With Office 2016 at Work For Dummies, we make it easy by breaking the content down into over 300 of the most common tasks and operations, providing you with straightforward, simple-to-navigate, approachable information. With four-color illustrations for visual support as your work through the tasks and then nearly three hours of supporting video, you can choose your path for learning the ins and outs of Office 2016.


Chapter 1: Getting to Know Office

Chapter 2: Creating a Word Document

Chapter 3: Paragraph Formatting

Chapter 4: Formatting Sections, Pages and Documents

Chapter 5: Working with Tables and Graphics in Word

Chapter 6: References and Mail Merges in Word

Chapter 7: Creating Basic Excel Worksheets

Chapter 8: Creating Excel Formulas and Functions

Chapter 9: Formatting and Printing Excel Worksheets

Chapter 10: Storing and Managing Databases in Excel

Chapter 11: Creating Charts in Excel

Chapter 12: Managing Email with Outlook

Chapter 13: Using Outlook Contacts and Tasks

Chapter 14: Getting Started with PowerPoint

Chapter 15: Formatting a Presentation

Chapter 16: Adding Movement and Sound to a Presentation

Chapter 17: Presenting a Slide Show