Forex Management

Dr. Paresh Shah

ISBN: 9789351194866

528 pages

INR 699


The aim of this text - Forex Management - is to explain the concepts, procedures, practices and policies of Foreign Exchange functioning across the globe. The text has been written in a very lucid, simple and understandable language. The style of each chapter is to be economical in terms of words and show how to apply the concepts with a few important equations and worked numerical examples. The text presumes that readers may not need to have undertaken an introductory course in finance at the graduate or postgraduate level.


Part I: International Financial Environment

Chapter 1: Foreign Exchange (Forex) Management

Chapter 2: International Trade and Balance of Payment

Chapter 3: International Monetary System


Part II: Exchange Rate Behaviour

Chapter 4: Exchange Rate System

Chapter 5: Foreign Exchange Trading System in India

Chapter 6: Foreign Exchange Rate-Relationships


Part III: Exchange Rate Risk Measurement

Chapter 7: Foreign Exchange Risks

Chapter 8: Measuring Exposure to Exchange Rate Fluctuations


Part IV: Exchange Rate Risk Management

Chapter 9: Foreign Exchange Risk Management- Strategy

Chapter 10: Currency Futures

Chapter 11: Currency Options

Chapter 12: Financial Swaps


Part V: Assets and Liability Management

Chapter 13: International Capital Investment

Chapter 14: Financial Forex Trading



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