Professional AngularJS

Valeri Karpov

ISBN: 9788126556434

396 pages

INR 649


AngularJS was recently called the "Super-heroic JavaScript MVW Framework" by The Code Project. It's an open source client side framework maintained by Google that greatly simplifies frontend development, making it easy and fun to write complex web apps. The online documentation and existing books on the subject lack simple explanations of some of the more advanced concepts, and how they work together. As a result, many developers get used to the basic concepts of AngularJS fairly quickly, but struggle when it comes to building more complex (real world) applications. 




Chapter 1: Building A Simple AngularJS Application

  • What You are Building  
  • What You Will Learn
  • Step 1: Scaffolding Your Project with Yeoman
  • Step 2: Creating Watch lists  
  • Step 3: Configuring Client-Side Routing
  • Step 4: Creating a Navigation Bar
  • Step 5: Adding Stocks
  • Step 6: Integrating with Yahoo Finance
  • Step 7: Creating the Stock Table
  • Step 8: Inline Form Editing
  • Step 9: Formatting Currency
  • Step 10: Animating Price Changes
  • Step 11: Creating the Dashboard
  • Production Deployment


Chapter 2: Intelligent Workflow and Build Tools

  • What Can Tooling Do for Me?
  • What is Bower?
  • What is Grunt?
  • What is Gulp?
  • What is Yeoman?


Chapter 3: Architecture

  • Why is Architecture Important?
  • Controllers, Services and Directives
  • The Model Service Paradigm
  • Exposing API Using Controllers
  • Organizing Your Code with Modules
  • Directory Structure
  • Best Practices for Structuring User Authentication


Chapter 4: Data Binding

  • What is Data Binding?
  • What Data Binding Can Do for You


Chapter 5: Directives

  • What is a Directive?
  • A Deeper Understanding of Directives
  • Changing Directive Templates at Runtime


Chapter 6: Templates, Location and Routing

  • Part I: Templates
  • Part II: The $location Service
  • Part III: Routing


Chapter 7: Services, Factories and Providers

  • A Brief Overview of Dependency Injection
  • Building Your Own Services
  • Common Use Cases for Services
  • Utilizing Built-In Providers


Chapter 8: Server Communication

  • Why Will I Learn?
  • Introduction to Promises
  • Services for HTTP Requests
  • Consuming the Twitter REST API
  • Scaffolding a REST API with Strong Loop Loopback
  • Using Web Sockets with AngularJS
  • Using Firebase with AngularJS


Chapter 9: Testing And Debugging AngularJS Applications

  • AngularJS Testing Philosophy
  • DOM Integration Tests
  • Debugging AngularJS Apps


Chapter 10: Moving On

  • Using Angular-UI Bootstrap
  • Hybrid Mobile Apps with the Ionic Framework
  • Integrating Open Source JavaScript with AngularJS
  • AngularJS and ECMAScript  



Appendix: Resources