Environmental Science: Fundamentals, Ethics & Laws

Ashish Shukla, Renu Singh, Anil Kumar

ISBN: 9789389520040

336 pages

INR 435


The present book provides consolidated information on each and every aspect of the environment. The book comprises 12 chapters opening with the introduction and importance of environmental sciences, then physics of natural resources, structure and functions of ecosystem, biodiversity and   conservation, environmental pollution, environmental impact assessment, human population  and environment, waste pollution and management,  environmental  laws, social issues,  global warming  and concludes with the carbon credits.


  • Introduction
  • Physics of Natural Resources
  • Structure and Functions of Ecosystem
  • Ecosystem Biodiversity and Conservation
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Environment Impact Assessment
  • Human Population and Environment
  • Waste Pollution and Management
  • Environment Laws
  • Unsustainable to Sustainable Development: Social Issues
  • Global warming and Carbon Sequestration
  • Financial Promotion for Sustainable Development: Carbon Credits
  • Appendix: The Batteries (Management and Handling) Rules, 2001
  • Index



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