Green Computing Approach Towards Sustainable Development

M Afshar Alam, Sapna Jain, Hena Parveen

ISBN: 9789389698039

INR 495


In the first chapter, the ICT technologies which can be used to reduce GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions are discussed with the articles of Paris Agreement. The second chapter explains measures taken by India towards reaching the MDGs in various areas. The third chapter focuses on ICT’s contribution as smart technology for environment management and protection. It provides insight of the methods to optimize the software which include algorithmic efficiency, resource allocation, virtualisation, terminal servers and their deployment in an efficient way for saving energy. The fourth chapter analyses the impact of Information Technologies and the Internet on sustainable development. It explores different green iinitiatives for promoting green ICT.


  • Green Computing in Society
  • Green Computing and Economy
  • Green Computing in Ecology
  • Impact of ICT on Sustainable Development
  • References
  • Index



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