Groundwater Monitoring and Management Through Hydrogeochemical Modeling Approach

S.Chidambaram, K.Srinivasamoorthy, AL.Ramanathan, P.Anandhan, R.Manivannan, M.Bala Krishna Prasad, M

ISBN: 9789389976991

INR 1195


Modeling the fate of chemical constituents such as cations and anions, organic and inorganic ligands, etc., is essential to understand the long-term utility of groundwater for various purposes. The chemical modeling helps to describe the chemical characteristic of an aqueous system to solve a simultaneous set of equations, which explains the equilibrium reactions and mass balance on dissolved element for the output consists of theoretical distribution of aqueous species for dissolved elements

  • Approaches and Advancements of Analytical Techniques in Hydrogeochemistry
  • Basics of Hydrogeochemical Modeling
  • An Overview on NETPATH Geochemical Modeling- A Case Study from Coastal
  • Aquifer of Pondicherry
  • Speciation of Ions in Groundwater and its Applications
  • Understanding the Groundwater and Surface Water Interactions Through Hydrogeochemical and Multivariate Statistical Modeling Approach
  • Statistical Methods for Characterization of Water Quality Variables in Hydrogeochemical Studies
  • Applications of Overlay Analysis Using Geographical Information System in Water Research
  • Biogeochemical Modeling Of the Aquatic Ecosystems
  • Contaminant Transport Modeling in Groundwater Management
  • Rock Water Interaction in Groundwater and Using Geochemical Modelling


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