Sedimentary Petrology, 3ed

Maurice E.Tucker

ISBN: 9788126532995

272 pages

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INR 1295


The study of sediments and sedimentary rocks continues to be a core topic in the Earth Sciences and this book aims to provide a concise account of their composition, mineralogy, textures, structures, diagenesis and depositional environments. This latest edition is noteworthy for the inclusion of 16 plates with 54 colour photomicrographs of sedimentary rocks in thin-section. These bring sediments to life and show their beauty and colorful appearance down the microscope; they will aid the student enormously in laboratory petrographic work.

·    Introduction: Basic Concepts And Methodology.
·    Siliciclastic Sediments I: Sandstones, Conglomerates And Breccias.
·    Siliciclastic Sediments II: Mudrocks.
·    Limestones.
·    Evaporites.
·    Sedimentary Ironstones And Iron-Formations.
·    Sedimentary Phosphate Deposits.
·    Coal, Oil Shale And Petroleum.
·    Cherts And Siliceous Sediments.
·    Volcaniclastic Sediments.
Colour plates fall between p. 118 and p. 119