German Phrases for Dummies

Paulina Christensen, Anne Fox

ISBN: 9788126507207

206 pages

Exclusively distributed by UBS Publishers Distributors



German Phrases For Dummies provides readers with basic language instruction that will enable them to converse with others.  The book uses real-world phrases extensively to illustrate grammatical concepts and provide opportunities to practice new-found skills.  The real-world phrases also serve as a tool for readers who don't really want to learn the language but want some common phrases that allow them to communicate with others on a basic level.



About This Book.

Conventions Used in This Book.


Foolish Assumptions.

Icons Used in This Book.

Where to Go from Here.

Chapter 1: I Say It How? Speaking German.

Chapter 2: Grammar on a Diet: Just the Basics.

Chapter 3: Numerical Gumbo: Counting of All Kinds.

Chapter 4: Making New Friends and Enjoying Small Talk.

Chapter 5: Enjoying a Drink and a Snack (or Meal!).

Chapter 6: Shop ’til You Drop.

Chapter 7: Making Leisure a Top Priority.

Chapter 8: When You Gotta Work.

Chapter 9: Getting Around: Transportation.

Chapter 10: Finding a Place to Lay Your Weary Head.

Chapter 11: Dealing with Emergencies.

Chapter 12: Ten Favorite German Expressions.

Chapter 13: Ten Phrases That Make You Sound Like a Local.




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