Wiley's Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Officers Grade 'B' Phase-II Exam Goalpost Comprehensive Guide,

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ISBN: 9788126571703

288 pages

INR 249


RBI Officers Grade ‘B’ (Phase-II) Exam Goalpost Comprehensive Guide is the FIRST book of its kind for this exam that comes with concepts and practice questions. It has detailed solutions, not just the answer key, for each and every question included in it. It promotes self-evaluation by enabling you to not only practice and revise concepts, but also keep track of your progress. This book allows you to win over the doubts and fears generally associated with exams, expand your span of concentration in a single sitting, and hone your time management skills, enabling you to answer questions within the given time frame.


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RBI Officers Grade ‘B’ Exam

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Section–1: Paper-I: Economic And Social Issues & Paper-III: Finance And Management

Chapter 1: Growth and Development

Chapter 2: National Income

Chapter 3: Poverty Alleviation & Employment Generation

Chapter 4: Sustainable Development and Environmental Issue

Chapter 5: Economic Reforms in India

Chapter 6: Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Chapter 7: Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation

Chapter 8: Economic Planning

Chapter 9: Balance of Payments

Chapter 10: International Economic Institutions

Chapter 11: Social Structures in India

Chapter 12: Demographic Trends in India

Chapter 13: Social Movements in India

Chapter 14: Indian Political System

Chapter 15: Human Development in India

Chapter 16: Indian Financial System and Banking

Chapter 17: The Indian Financial Market

Chapter 18: Union Budget

Chapter 19: Inflation and Deflation

Chapter 20: Fundamentals of Management

Chapter 21: Organisation Structure

Chapter 22: Human Resource Management

Chapter 23: Communication Process

Chapter 24: Corporate Governance

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Section–2: Paper II: English (Descriptive Writing)

Descriptive Writing

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