CorelDRAW 2018 in Simple Steps

DT Editorial Services

ISBN: 9789388425254

284 pages

INR 349


CorelDRAW 2018 In Simple Steps provides a step-by-step introduction to CorelDRAW 2018 and explains the concept of graphic designing in CorelDRAW. The content of the book is developed and presented in a simple and easy way, and is intended to enhance the designing skills. This book illustrates the basic tools and features of CorelDRAW. An easy-to-understand language and a step-by-step approach make it equally helpful for the beginners as well as advanced users. This book covers a thorough introduction to the new and enhanced features of CorelDRAW 2018, such as PhotoCocktail effect, Impact tool, fitting objects to Path, and applying Envelopes to Bitmaps.


1. Getting Started with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018

2. Working with Lines, Outlines, and Brushes

3. Working with Shapes

4. Shaping Objects

5. Working with Objects

6. Working with Colors, Fills, and Transparencies

7. Working with Bitmaps

8. Working with Text 

9. Working with Styles and Special Effects

10. Printing and Exporting a Document



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