The International Family Guide to US University Admissions

Jennifer Ann Aquino

ISBN: 9788126571017

320 pages

INR 599


Written by an experienced international educator and counselor, The International Family Guide to US University Admissions is an indispensable resource for the vast and increasing number of students applying for places at US Universities each year. Beginning with an introduction that explains to both students and parents how the book works and why, it offers milestones that must be completed during said application time period, a tried-and-true handbook that corresponds with each chapter, pop-outs that provide expert insight and resources that you should utilize throughout the process.



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Chapter 1 And You Are. . .?  

Chapter 2 You've Got to Understand How It Works to Win

Chapter 3 Being Your Nerdiest Self . . .and Taking Time to Do It

Chapter 4 Your Goldilocks Moment

Chapter 5 Less Snap-Chatting and More Real-Chatting

Chapter 6 School's [Not] Out For Summer!

Chapter 7 You Can't Fake It

Chapter 8 The Pressure Is On!

Chapter 9 The Busiest Month of Your Life

Chapter 10 The Final Month of Writing College Applications. . .Ever?

Chapter 11 A Rite of Passage in the Making

Chapter 12 Anticipating, Deciding, and Arriving

Conclusion: The Beginning of the Rest of Your Life

The Writing Handbook