Wiley Aristotle GRE Verbal Grail 2018

Aristotle Prep

ISBN: 9788126568123

372 pages

INR 1199


The Wiley-Aristotle GRE Verbal Grail 2018 is a one-stop shop for those who want to attain a high score on the New GRE. The book discusses each topic tested in the verbal section of the New GRE and follows it up with a battery of exhaustive practices tests. This methodical approach ensures that the readers first develop a strong foundation in all the verbal concepts and then attain mastery through rigorous practice. In addition to providing comprehensive coverage of Critical Reasoning questions and a 1000-word list of high-frequency questions, the book comes power-packed with strategies, tips and tricks for tackling each question type on the GRE Verbal.



Section 1 – About the GRE


1. What is the GRE?

2. What does the GRE consist of?

3. How am I scored on the GRE?

4. When can I take the GRE? How many times is it conducted in a year?

5. How do I register for the GRE and how much does the GRE cost?

6. How do I prepare for the GRE?

7. What should I do after taking my GRE?


Section 2 – Diagnostic Test


8. Diagnostic Test

9. Answers and Explanations


Section 3 – Text Completion


10. Introduction to the GRE Verbal Section

11. How to Approach a Fill in the Blank type Question

12. Text Completion Questions

13. Tips to keep in mind when attempting Text Completion Questions

14. Text Completion Practice Set

15. Answers and Explanations


Section 4 – Sentence Equivalence


16. Sentence Equivalence Questions

17. Tips to keep in mind when attempting Sentence Equivalence Questions

18. Sentence Equivalence Practice Set

19. Answers and Explanations


Section 5 – Reading Comprehension


20. How to Approach GRE Reading Comprehension

21. GRE Reading Comprehension Question Pattern

22. GRE Reading Comprehension Question Types

23. Critical Reasoning Type Questions

24. Critical Reasoning Question Types

25. Reading Comprehension Tips and Strategies

26. Reading Comprehension Practice Set

27. Answers and Explanations


Section 6 – The GRE Vocabulary


28. Vocabulary

29. 1000-word high-frequency word list

30. List of Deceptive Words

31. Words which are Frequently Confused with one another


Section 7 – Quick Recall


32. Concluding Notes

33. Index—QR Codes



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