Wiley Aristotle The 45-Day GRE Vocab Book 2018

Aristotle Prep

ISBN: 9788126568130

136 pages

INR 699


The 45-Day GRE Vocab Book 2018 helps you master the GRE vocabulary by using a tested approach to learning vocabulary—that of learning words in context. To this effect, it provides an exclusive 1000-word list divided into basic and advanced lists which are further sub-divided into smaller and more manageable lists. Each of these word lists is followed by a fun-to-do exercise which helps this book achieve its objective of teaching vocabulary-in-context. This empirical approach to learning combined with the engaging pedagogical tools such as complete the story, crossword puzzles, match the words, and so on make for a unique learning experience which keeps boredom at bay while setting you up for success on the GRE vocabulary.


Section 1 – Basic Word Lists (1 - 25)

Section 2 – Advanced Word Lists (1 - 20)

Section 3 – Answers

Concluding Notes

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