Drones for Dummies

Mark Lafay

ISBN: 9788126554430

292 pages

Exclusively distributed by Penguin Books 

eBook also available for institutional users 

INR 399


The book gives readers information for finding and purchasing the right drone to suit their needs, examples on ways to use the drone including drone etiquette. Users learn the basics of flight, including coverage of the laws governing consumer drone usage and suggestions and examples of ways to use drones to capture photos and video. Drones For Dummies provides readers with the information and skills they need to discover cool ways to expand their drone's use beyond simply flying -- all in the easy-to-understand, casual, fun and informative style found in all For Dummies books.




Part I: Getting Started with Drones

Chapter 1: Drones

Chapter 2: Picking the Drone That's Right for You

Chapter 3: Picking the Best Camera for Your Needs

Chapter 4: Finding Support and Resources


Part II: Before You Fly

Chapter 5: Setting Up Your Drone

Chapter 6: Staying Safe with Your Drone

Chapter 7: Knowing the Law


Part III: Miracle of Flight

Chapter 8: Controlling Your Drone

Chapter 9: Flight Basics

Chapter 10: Choosing When and Where to Fly

Chapter 11: Maintaining Your Drone


Part IV: Aerial Photos and Videos

Chapter 12: Capturing Beautiful Photos and Video

Chapter 13: Working with Shaky Footage

Chapter 14: Working with Aerial Images and Footage


Part V: The Part of Tens

Chapter 15: Ten Things You Shouldn't Do with Your Drone

Chapter 16: Ten Commercial Uses for Drones

Chapter 17: Ten FAA Regulatory Implications


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