High Blood Pressure for Dummies, 2ed

Alan L.Rubin

ISBN: 9788126518340

356 pages

Exclusively distributed by UBS Publishers Distributors 


This revised and reorganized edition of High Blood Pressure For Dummies includes a wealth of new information (approximately 25% new and revised material). It provides new suggestions for detection of high blood pressure, new findings and concerning risk for cardiovascular disease, recommendations for treatment, new drugs that have been developed, and new discussions about accurate measurement of high blood pressure both in the office and at home. It also includes information about high blood pressure in minorities, obesity and metabolic syndrome, enlargement of the heart, high blood pressure in the elderly, low blood pressure with standing, high blood pressure and insanity, high blood pressure in women and children, and emergencies linked to high blood pressure.


Part I: Understanding High Blood Pressure

· Introducing High Blood Pressure

· Detecting High Blood Pressure

· Determining Whether You’re at Risk

· Dealing with Secondary High Blood Pressure


Part II: Considering the Medical Consequences

· Defending Your Heart

· Shielding Your Kidneys

· Protecting Your Brain


Part III: Treating (Or Preventing) High Blood Pressure


· Developing a Successful Treatment Plan

· Choosing Foods that Lower High Blood Pressure

· Keeping Salt Out of Your Diet

· Avoiding Tobacco, Alcohol, and Caffeine

· Lowering Blood Pressure with Exercise

· Adding Drug Therapy


Part IV: Taking Care of Special Populations


· Helping the Elderly

· Handling High Blood Pressure in Children

· Treating High Blood Pressure in Women


Part V: The Part of Tens


· Ten Simple Ways to Prevent or Reduce High Blood Pressure

· Ten (Or So) Myths about High Blood Pressure

· Ten New Discoveries about High Blood Pressure


Appendix: Resources for the Latest Information




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