Bartending for Dummies, 3ed

Ray Foley

ISBN: 9788126514793

385 pages

Exclusively distributed by UBS Publishers Distributors 


1,000 + recipes and great party tips

Get the latest bar buzz on how to host, mix, shake, pour, and more

Want to concoct the perfect cocktail? From today's popular Mojitos and Martinis to classics like Manhattans and Margaritas, you'll be able to sip and entertain with a special twist. Get the scoop on everything from liquors, wine, and beer to Scotch, tequila, the latest tools of the trade, and more.

Discover how to

* Stock a bar

* Mix exotic specialties and hot toddies

* Experiment with new flavored rums, vodkas, and cordials

* Garnish and serve drinks like a master mixologist

* Cure hangovers and hiccups


Part I: The Basics

Just for Openers: The Right Tools and Glasses

Methods to the Madness

Setting Up Your Home Bar

Charts and Measures

Part II: Short Shots from American Whiskey to Wine

American and Canadian Whiskey

Apéritifs, Cordials, and Liqueurs



Cognac and Armagnac


Irish Whiskey


Scotch Whisky

Tequila and Mezcal



Part III: The Recipes

Recipes from A to Z

 “Martini” Madness


Nonalcoholic Drinks

Part IV: The Part of Tens

At Least Ten Cures and Lores

Ten Thousand Web Sites and Other Resources


Recipes Index

Topics Index


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