Case Incidents in Human Resource Management: Understanding Cases with Cartoons

D. Gopala Krishna

ISBN: 9789389520606

INR 345


Case study is a simulation technique used in the classrooms to make the students understand the corporate real-life problems in depth. Case studies are used as experiential exercises, widely adopted in most of the training programmes and B-schools worldwide. The purpose of case studies is to provide students with experience of the Human Resource Management problems actually faced by the organizations. The critical case studies are complex in nature, through in-depth discussions, students find and evolve multiple solutions to the problems which are cost effective.


  • The Ethical Chief
  • Was the Selection Process Right?
  • No Requisite Qualification for Work
  • Wrongful Implication
  • Safety: A Matter of Life and Compensation
  • Selection Manipulated
  • Theft of Company Property
  • Accident on the Way to Office
  • Harassment by Colleagues
  • Death on Tour
  • Training for Employees
  • Death by Electric Shock
  • Multitasking, Boon or Bane?
  • Miscarriage of Employment
  • Politicisation of Unions
  • Cockroach in Food – Industrial Relations Problem
  • Neglecting the Family
  • Prolonged Strike and Violence
  • Cooked-up Recruitment
  • Multiple Claims of Provident Fund
  • Tailor-Made Advertisement
  • Termination During Probationary Period
  • Auditing the Audit Department
  • Good Welfare Officer
  • Misappropriation of Cash
  • Is it Sexual Harassment?
  • Deaddiction of Employees
  • Who is Right? – The Court or Management
  • Is it Ethical?
  • Biased Performance Rating
  • Sleeping While on Duty
  • Loan Scandal
  • Cultural Conflict Ends in Violence
  • Security Check
  • Doctor’s Negligenece Results in Death
  • Drunken Chief Security Officer
  • Impersonation
  • Strike for Coffee Break
  • Telecom Products to Floriculture – Where is the Connection?
  • Victimisation of an Honest Officer
  • Motivational Recruitment
  • Transfer of Trade Union Leader
  • Death Relief Committee
  • Mass Leave
  • Save PSU Forum
  • Accident during Lunch Time
  • Theft in the Stores
  • Challenges of Creating a New Culture
  • Promotion on Time Scale
  • Misuse of Travel Concession Perk.



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