Case Studies in Human Resource Management

Sanjeev Bansal

ISBN: 9789389795554

INR 435


The objective of this book is to present a compilation of Human Resource Management case studies highlighting some of the contemporary issues and practices in the major processes of Human Resource Function. These case studies will offer experiential learning and will spur the interest of the students, faculties and practicing managers in understanding the various HR practices across organizations.

Part I The Basis Of The Function – Hr Policy And Talent Acquisition

  1. Market Mapping Enhancing Recruitment Process
  2. Analysis of Recruitment Process at FutureSoft Pvt. Ltd
  3. On Boarding Process - Concerns and Challenges
  4. Revamping HR Policies for Building A Better Organization
  5. Implementation of Telepresence Systems at Bajaj Energy Power Plants
  6. Save Cost or Save time… An Ethical Question


Part II Skill Building And Developing Competency – Investment In Talent

  1. Comprehending Employee’s Training and Development Need Analysis
  2. Analyzing the Training Effectiveness in Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd.
  3. Evaluating the Training Needs Identification Process at Alere Medical Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Effectiveness of Training and Development Program- A Case of ABC Company
  5. Efficacy of Training Programs at National Fertilizers Limited
  6. Understanding the Impact of Training on Job Satisfaction of Employees
  7. Realizing the Gap Through Competency Mapping: A Case of BB Foods
  8. Enhancement in the Corporate Mentorship Program


Part III Pay, Reward And Welfare – Talent Engagement

  1. Market Mapping for Source to Pay
  2. Prominence of Employee Benefits in Today’s Organizations
  3. Is Happiness and Satisfaction a Rare Commodity?
  4. Eminence of Well-being Concerns at Navin Hospital
  5. Dynamics of Employee Engagement and Recognition Activities- A Case of A Premier Hotel
  6. Rewarding Employees through Employee Engagement Activities: A Practical Reality?
  7. Drain in IT
  8. Personal Effectiveness – Path to a Better Future



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